Questions and Answers

Does your site get waterlogged in wet weather?

We are lucky here at Cross Dormont that we do not get waterlogged in wet weather.

Can we use BBQ's?

You may use BBQ's providing they are off the ground. Please note, although you may be tempted to put your barbecue in your tent, or tent porch, either during or after use, to keep you warm, DONT! It may kill you, and very quickly. Carbon monoxide fumes from BBQs are invisible, odourless, and lethal. Even if you think it's safe, and the flames have died down, don't do it. The smouldering coals may be warm, but they will kill you. Even with the tent doors open. Even just in the porch. Please don't do it!

Are we able to have a camp fire?

Cross Dormont do not allow camp fires due to fire risks and safety to other campers.

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, we have hot electric showers.

Is there a children's play area?

Yes - We have recently introduced a children’s play area on the camp site including a trampoline, slide, tree rope swing and a set of goals. Swings and a see-saw are to follow shortly.

Where can I buy provisions?

Pooley Bridge is the closest at approx. 1 1/4 miles away. The shops sell most items and there are also cafe's and take-away services.

Do you supply gas bottles?

We do not stock or sell gas bottles. Suppliers can be found locally.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are permitted if kept under tight control and not allowed to roam the site. Dog fouling is not permitted so please pick up all dog mess.

What are your rules for noise?

We are very strict about noise, especially after 11pm,  campers ignoring this requirement will be asked to leave immediately.

Can I park next to my tent?

Yes you can.

Can I get mobile phone reception?

Cross Dormont can receive a mobile signal - the best connection is with o2.

Does the site have WIFI?

No WIFI available, however there is an internet café Eden Rural Foyer in Penrith.

Is there a bus service near by?

There is a regular bus service from Pooley Bridge.

What time are check in/out times?

Cross Dormont do not have particular check in/out times.

Do you accept large groups?

This campsite is for families ONLY We sadly do not accept large groups of young people. However we do accept school and other social/activity groups such as Duke of Edinburgh etc.